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Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Photos

Pictures Of Skin Cancer On Leg
Pictures Of Skin Cancer On Leg

Pictures Of Melanoma Skin Cancer Small
Moles Skin Cancer Pictures
Moles Skin Cancer Pictures

Skin Cancer Melanoma Pictures Small
Pictures Of Skin Cancer On The Nose
Pictures Of Skin Cancer On The Nose

Skin Cancer Photographs Small

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Lester Bowden says:

I have had a mole on my back for a number of years now and had it checked a few times but recently it has become scab like and itches. I don't want to waste the doctors time just wondered if i should have it checked again. Can moles change?

jani jo says:

If not sure please go to your GP and have them have it cut out (a very painless thing whilst awake), to analyis the skin. Many Years ago, before it was talked about like now, it was only because someone mentioned for me to get it checked out that I had a serous melamona which was checked and removed in time, as I would have left it and thought it was just a mole, and perhaps not be here now. Since then, I have had a couple of other things cut out and checked just in case. Your GP will understand, check it out NOW, as I would not be here if I had not. It is NOT Painful, just a local injection whilst doing it, and sometimes a very minor mark left. We have the NHS, use if for this life saving thing. Best wishes

Steve says:

I have a very light purple oval shape mark on my forearm, that just appeared. No bumps, looks like only a discolor or bruise. Been watching it for 3 days, to see if it changes color or shape, it remains the same. Any advice or commentm

miles says:

I have this thing that I call a mole on the inside of my leg I believe I have had it all my life but it recently started hurting and got kinda larger in size so I tried to pop it with a needle and stuff like pus came out of it just a little then it just bled I'm not really sure what this is any advice ?

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